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Flash Websites

Flash Animation:
If you are looking for cutting edge 2D character animation, multimedia content for your presentation, flash intros for your corporate website, AMZ have the potential to use flash technology to bring life to the end product with mind capturing animations and designs.

Flash Application Development:
Macromedia Flash has grown into an extremely powerful development tool, with strengths that go far beyond its original web animation scope. We have created a range of cutting-edge applications using with FlashMX, Flash Communication Server to harness the tremendous capability of Flash.

3D Animation and modeling Services:
3D image is a screen 2D projection of a computer model of some physical object from the real world. Realistic 3D-modelling is often used to visualize some unreal, imaginary or impossible to photograph object, or to outline or change some features of this object. 3D animation is a sequence of such pictures, with objects having definite complex behaviour.

Latest Software Tools:
3D Max, Director Shockwave Studio, along with the Adobe standards:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and AfterEffects

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