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Acceptable Use Policy

The goal of AMZ is to provide the best service possible for an enjoyable Internet experience. This Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP" or "Policy") is designed to keep AMZ and the Internet enjoyable and useful for all of our subscribers. Violation of this Policy may result in suspension or cancellation of AMZ services. AMZ is committed to and supports the free exchange of information and ideas over the Internet.AMZ does not actively monitor nor does AMZ exercise editorial control over the content of any web site, electronic mail transmission, mailing list, news group or other material created or accessible over AMZ servers. However, AMZ reserves sole discretionary rights to remove any materials deemed potentially illegal, harmful to AMZ business operations or equipment, or in violation of any part of this AUP or of the standard AMZ Internet Agreement. Use of AMZ Network''s servers immediately constitutes acceptance and acknowledgement of this Acceptable Use Policy.

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